November 2016

Slow Burn

The Journey

People ask me, or more specifically wonder, how I can do an Ironman. They find the idea of swimming 3.86 km (2.4 miles), cycling 180.2 km (112 miles) and running 42.2 km (26.2 miles) to be outrageous, or even preposterous, let alone complete it in one day. My answer is always the same, “it’s just one step then another step.” In the book “Slow Burn“, Stu Mittleman & Katherine Callan break it down nicely. Although they are describing how to be metabolically efficient and burn fat as the primary fuel source, the metaphor is transferable. “There is a way to

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Inner Fire

The Inner Fire

My entire life has been about connecting to, or perhaps the search for, the inner fire. What drives me? What sustains me? What keeps me going? Since early childhood I’ve felt drawn to superheroes. Spiderman was my favourite. I also identified with the Hulk’s internal rage, although I’ve never achieved the raw strength he embodied–maybe that’s a good thing. Included in the metaphor was most definitely a desire for escape from my environment. (Notice the transformation theme in both of these heroes.) But there was also the yearning to connect with my internal strength, energy, awareness, clarity, balance and wisdom.

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The Inside Happy

“It’s that Inside Happy feeling. You know what I mean?” While at the health food store yesterday evening I started chatting with one of the staff, whom I’ve not seen in a couple months because I’ve been travelling. Last we spoke I learned that she was a swimmer in high school and college but that she hadn’t been in the pool in ages. Our discussion at that time flowed between the topics of exercise, daily routines, and nutrition. She taught me a few things about sprouting, while I shared with her some of my favourite websites and books (listed below).

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Photo by Ken Hansen

Silence, then Growth

(Photo by Ken Hansen) Inside my heart there’s been a poignant silence these past hours. The feeling I’m experiencing is one of mourning. Many others, near and far, are expressing the same. It reminds me of each time a tragedy happens. There’s a gasp, then, beautifully, people come together to support and help their fellows. My prayer and request is that we hold onto this anguished and bereft energy. Let’s make an active choice to avoid moving back to our regular lives, our routines, thought patterns, and ingrained habits. Historically the water splashed away by a rock will surge back

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Should… Really?

“Should” What do you feel inside when reading that word and letting it echo in your system? Please note that I’m not talking about emotions but rather the kinaesthetic of it… the vibe in the system. For me there is tension, disaccord, pain, confusion. Interestingly, if the words are “you should”, and if I turn attention to the strong emotions and reactions that arise, the loudest noise comes from anger by the rebellious and hurt part of me that developed early in my life. To me, using should and shouldn’t imply an energy of forcing, of attempting to shoehorn life

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More is not always better. I thought about just leaving it at that for this post. But somehow to do so seemed like a copout. Why is that? Certainly it could have punctuated the message. It was earlier this year that I realised that this is the message I’d give my 20-something self. Just because one plate of food was awesome doesn’t mean that two is better: I’d probably just end up being stuffed and uncomfortable. One drink was very enjoyable; two won’t necessarily make me feel twice as good. One long run in the woods was divine; and given

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Create space to just Be.


Today I’ve continued the task of going through all my belongings. The goal is to get rid of stuff. I’m an OCD kinda guy so organizing calms the quacking ducks. But that’s different than the energising feeling when clearing things away and creating space. It’s very freeing to remove possessions that have just been piling up, that I’ve not known what to do with, that I wasn’t really enjoying but was holding on to because of sentimentality or some other story. In ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘, Marie Kondo suggests holding each item in one’s hands; if it doesn’t give

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Is it true?

Is It True?

What’s your default? Do you react and get upset and/or complain? Or do you take a breath, inquire, and then act? Inquiry is about recognizing that everything can be viewed from a different perspective, and that there can be (do I dare say usually is) more to the story. For me this way of moving through the world offers the most peaceful path. I experience an increased understanding of myself and others when I inquire. And in personal interactions it seems to me that others feel an ease when I’m putting into the space around us a calm, loving, cooperative,

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Longevity is the name of the game (for me). Why do I say this? Two reasons: because I want to be moving and be healthy in mind, body, and spirit for as long as I’m alive on this earth; and as Jonas Colting has said, “I train because that allows for the best version of myself.” I train because I enjoy it. I like to be outside, especially in nature. There’s a peaceful, steadfast, balanced resonance when I move my body with intention in the present moment. (More on this at Together with daily meditation, and time with sangha

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Waipi'o Valley

The Current Moment

“Have patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms and like books written in a foreign language. Do not now look for the answers. They cannot now be given to you because you could not live them. It is a question of experiencing everything. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually, without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day. “ — ‘Letters to a Young Poet’, Rainer Maria Rilke Patience isn’t my strongest suit. I’m a goal oriented kind of guy.

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As I wrote in my first post, one of my intentions for this blog is to share information about health & fitness. For me that includes opening the mind, body, and spirit. I open spirit through meditation, spending quiet time in nature, and connecting with people. I open my mind by reading and inquiring within. I open body through yoga (something that I’m only a beginner at), stretching and using RAD Rollers. There have been times in my life when I occasionally stretched, then, like many things, I moved away from it. But I’ve learned that it is helpful with

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