July 2017

On Point


I’m feeling on point with my training. Healthy, even. Body, mind, spirit. Does that mean everything is perfect? Definitely not. Development is a process. Vigilance, commitment, and consistency are key. Admittedly, sometimes I want to throw them out the window. Actually, sometimes I do, but then, like a kid after a temper tantrum, I go and pick them up again. Why do I get fed up, and why do I return? Those are questions I’ve inquired into a lot. It’s just so damn much work at times. But I can’t not do it. Occasionally, when I’m listening, Grace reminds me

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The Tao teaches Wu Wei, the action of no-action. A part of this has to do with relaxing, and allowing things to come about in their own time and way. The mind is silenced, work expresses itself. In a recent Sounds True podcast with Jeff Foster the key topic was Rest. Within the discussion arose a subtopic; the ‘desire’ for Rest. It provided clarity to something with which I’ve struggled for almost four decades. I’m not going to share the exact nature of my internal conflict. I’ll let you listen to the podcast and absorb what’s meaningful for your current

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Howie--Solo Camping

Reflection Day

Yup, that’s me: solo camping (2009), and on a bike (1972). A few years later I painted that Spidy-bike red & blue with black spiderwebs. I was 6 years old. And I felt lost already then. Like everybody else’s life, there have been a series of ups and downs. Do I feel less lost… 45 years later? Yes and no. What I do have now is some experience, both incredible highs and some pretty shitty lows. One consistent theme throughout my life has been an underlying warrior energy. I’ve identified with (or wished to have) tiger strength, samurai zen, Spiderman

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