September 2018

Green. Nature.


There’s an increasing amount of research showing that spending time in nature is good for our health, for a variety of reasons. (Of course, studies aren’t necessarily needed since personal experience makes this clear as well.) Incredibly, studies also show that just looking at photos of greenery and nature can help lower stress. Before reading on, take a moment to breathe, down shift, and enjoy the colours in this landscape. This picture was taken during my ‘long ride’ yesterday—on a very blustery autumn day. Time in nature helps me reconnect to my body and senses, to other people, and to

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A Candle

Meditation is like a candle.In shorter durations there may not appear to be much change.But over time there are remarkable alterations. Every so often there is calm, and the burning is quiet.Periodically, perhaps frequently, there is only turbulence and chaotic spasm.Eventually a layer disappears and a new one takes it’s place. After some time the individual parts merge:…placing the candle, striking the match, lighting the wick,wax disappears, a puff then whispering smoke, relighting, the flame dances again. It becomes a process more than individual steps.Simplicity and complexity are one.* Change happens.Muddled waters clarify. ✌️🌱 … 🙏Peace, Plants … Namaste —*

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Nature. Silence. Energy.


In a recent blog post Shawn Bearden was brave enough to write and share his deeply personal reflection. Now it’s time for me to step up and say, “me too”. His first two paragraphs echo almost word for word thoughts I had from ages 10 to ~40. And that feeling of finally being heard, yes; that was the changing point for me as well. Not the bottom, but the start of change. “Sometime in my early 20s, I thought about my future self. It was a little unsettling that I couldn’t imagine myself after 40-45 years old. It wasn’t that

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