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A Candle

Meditation is like a candle.
In shorter durations there may not appear to be much change.
But over time there are remarkable alterations.

Every so often there is calm, and the burning is quiet.
Periodically, perhaps frequently, there is only turbulence and chaotic spasm.
Eventually a layer disappears and a new one takes it’s place.

After some time the individual parts merge:
…placing the candle, striking the match, lighting the wick,
wax disappears, a puff then whispering smoke, relighting, the flame dances again.

It becomes a process more than individual steps.
Simplicity and complexity are one.*

Change happens.
Muddled waters clarify.

✌️🌱 … 🙏
Peace, Plants … Namaste

* Complexity vs Complicated
Actions retain their individual qualities.
Equally as much, they are the sum of the parts.

We humans like to tangle things, confuse, disturb;
either by convolution or by reductionism.

Complex is merely a series of simple systems built on top of each other.

Soulful Sojourn: Belief – Gratitude – Living
My guiding principle in life is the invitation to show up each and every moment to live life. With confidence and understanding we develop a structure to improve fitness and choose a lifestyle that includes training, mindset, and nutrition. The intention is to discover, appreciate and express the process of living. I call this my Soulful Sojourn.