My guiding principle in life is the invitation to show up in each and every moment.

My intention is to discover, appreciate and express the process of living.

Sharing my Soulful Sojourn publicly aids the process of discovery. In order to share with others, I am forced to spend time getting increasingly clearer in myself. I do this by taking time to pause and reflect, meditate, and do internal inquiry.

To be an integrated person it’s essential to be clear about what is important, about values, to elucidate goals, and to continually look for presumptions. This is essential for aligning values with actions. It’s far too easy to be unclear about what we actually are feeling and experiencing. 

Notice how easy it is to mistake perceptions as being real when in truth we’re only rebranding what we’ve been told—or told ourselves—to think and feel, or are what we believe we are supposed to report. 

Close friends and community who also walk a path of discovery will ask the questions that we’re not being asked, or that we haven’t asked of ourselves. Be vulnerable to them and the process.

Inquire into the subtleties that lie under each newly discovered layer.
There are always more subtle layers.