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Sunrise in Pla d'Estany

Alive Again

After nearly two months stuck in my flat, I’m back in nature.
Breathing forest terpenes.
Resonating with bird songs.
Refilling energy stores.

If given the choice, for my last time on earth, I will always choose even one quiet minute in nature over any number of days, weeks, months or years confined in concrete. …If possible, I’d spend that moment in silence with a close friend.

In an episode of “Living the Questions”, Krista Tippett discusses connection (kindred) and disconnection (sequestration). “We draw raw energy from each other, at a primal, animal level, when we are in the room together.”

We need to replenish our basic stores of life energy, through our bodies, both from nature and from each other.

Please, be gentle with yourselves, with others and with all life.

❝ Peace is our Nature (Swabhava). Just like a person who keeps a number of things in a room and complains that there is no space in the room, we say there is no peace. Is not the space obtained automatically when the things are removed?❞
~Sri Ramana Maharshi

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