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Arunachala Mountain

All Is One

In this Santhi Yoga retreat, our teacher Govind is guiding me and affirming a lifetime of experiences and intuitions. He adds clarity and understanding that allow me to see more clearly and more deeply, providing a framework for both the body and (subtle) mind aspects. He is teaching me how to ground to Mother Earth and with all Creation. I see now that when this body breathes the whole of existence breathes. (It’s not just the worldly physics of all beings sharing the oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen on this planet through the breath.)

Arunachala Mountain is tuning this “clay sandwich” (Govind’s description of the material body that consists of all the food we’ve ingested over our lifetime) and this ‘spiritual-corporeal’ design. I feel pulled to spend time on the mountain, in its crystal resonance, and with the vegetation, birds, monkeys, and insects. When I’m on the hill there is a feeling of vibrantly resting in the home of pure Consciousness. And when I walk off the hill the download is woven into this design’s fibres and DNA.

Sunrise over Tiruvannamalai

Surya sadhana feeds this manifestation called Howie. I experience peace, resting, and being filled with Divine Cosmic energy. I am welcomed home. Doing the yoga practice on the mountain, while looking over Tiruvannamalai multiplies the effect.

A man in peace

Listening to Mataji Davaki, it’s clear that a separate self is only an illusion. It’s all a design, function of, and movement by God. I’m watching the separate ‘me’ fade away as rooting in God increases.

The separate me is only an illusion and is the cause of all confusion. Knowing this is freedom.

We are never separate from the Divine.
How can we be: We are the Divine.

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