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Already Home

It’s become a bit clearer of late.
What I seek, what I’ve always sought, so much closer than ever imagined.

Throughout my life there’s been a sense of something, an undercurrent that I couldn’t quite put my finger on—a constant, “What is that?”, like an apparition always in the periphery.

Occasionally there’d be glimpses. I’d feel respite, then the doing and striving would start up again, the dreamed character leaving home to find home. A habit pattern entrenched so deeply. Peace, happiness and quiet—endlessly longed for—always just out of reach.

Slowly dawn arises. The true message in the moments behind the veil, I already am that which I seek.

❝ I traveled a long way seeking God,

but when I finally gave up and turned back,

there He was, within me!❞
~Lalla, Kashmiri mystic

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