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Is It True

Is It True

❝ Many of our ideas and beliefs about ourself and the world are so deeply ingrained that we are unaware that they are beliefs and we take them, without questioning,…

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❝ How you do anything is how you do everything.❞ I first heard this quote in a Rich Roll podcast with Buddhist monk Wu De (#RRP 151). The underlying teaching…

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Already Home

It’s become a bit clearer of late. What I seek, what I’ve always sought, so much closer than ever imagined. Throughout my life there’s been a sense of something, an…

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Sense of Being

Sense of Being

Sitting quietly, where is the focus? Listening to Life or to thoughts?The mind is a miraculous tool, no doubt. But it’s also a random noise generator. It weaves fantastical dances…

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Eternally Free


Years ago, I had the belief that experiencing bliss and peace required toning down my emotions so that my actions would be more measured. This approach was inherently not blissful…

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(Irish) Sunset

Empty Concepts

There was a time when I fully embraced nihilism, which is ironic since the philosophy rejects fundamental aspects of human existence. But I was looking for a way to express…

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° Tenderness when catching a hangnail while donning a sock.° The irritation of rough fingertips in a knitted mitten.° Frustration with a thread that won’t let go its static cling.°…

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Look Within

Bare yourself raw.Burn away the padding.Confront it all.See past the illusions.Connect with your divinity.The legend of a jealous Brahma trying to keep humans from discovering their divinity.❝ Brahma called a…

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❝ If you’re listening to the body when it whispers to you, you don’t have to hear it scream.❞~Nils van der PoelThis post is not another archetypal analysis of the…

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Nothing about the spot in front of this fireplace ever gets old. It’s certainly a safe place for me, but what else? While talking with my coach about movement patterns…

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❝ I have little to no interest in extreme mystical states—I have enough on my hands chopping wood and carrying water. I would be truly disappointed if some mystical shortcut…

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Several years ago I battled with depression. It was hell. Thanks only to a dear friend who actually heard me, and realised the severity of my state, did things turn…

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