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Here Now

Be Here Now

One morning, after sitting quietly for some time, it became incredibly obvious that it’s not possible to be anything other than here now—not anywhere other than here, nor at any…

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No Otherness

Devoted Being

“My brethren did more harm to my heart in turning away than those men in town did with a razor.” ~Hutterite Paul Klempt When love is present, I do not…

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Being Present

Nobody doing.Everything already.Infinitely new.The mind will never understand this, but it can realise its truth.How? By giving up the striving to understand.This does not mean that the mind is something…

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Being Present


Attaching any amount of identity to an object, action, feeling, thought, or belief creates a fixation point.Identification is celebrated in our society as a way to create or maintain stability,…

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Talofofo Falls


Before witness and witnessing.Simpler than right or wrong.True yesterday, tomorrow and now.So quiet that it cannot be heard. Yet all sounds are its voice.So plain that the slightest move is…

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Cooperate with the Inevitable

No More Accumulation

Hurrying tensionRunning awaySolidificationResistanceDemandsGraspingChasingStrivingBeliefsㅤWhat is prior to it allBeing that❝ To be empty of things is to be full of God. The very best attainment in life is to remain still…

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The mind. It strives desperately, if not valiantly, to solve problems, enigmas and questions. The paradox is that by so doing it is the source of its own consternation.This is…

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Now is all there is.No anchoring past.No imagined future.Life is all there is.All form, shades of infinite.All activity, mirages in mind.Nothing apart from Now.Only beingPresent.❝ We are not present in…

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Meeting Within

🇸🇪 ❝ När jag får kontakt med djupet inom mig, då händer också något med mitt sätt att möta dig.❞ 🇬🇧 ❝ When I get in touch with the depth…

Forget Myself

Stillness and happiness are prominent to the degree that I forget myself.The mind generates thoughts, the ego concretises them into beliefs and thus is created the world of identities. But…

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Endless Now

Two Dear Friends*

That day, that moment.Never ending, until its end. Embarrassing for the character.Surprising for the observer.Rather normal said Life.Ego and devotion, persistent in concert,Force-feed the hungry ghost. Not alone, never alone.Love.…

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Painter in the Picture


To find myself I must be willing to let go of myself and all ideas I have about who that is and who I think I might become.After willingness is…