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Tystnad / Silence


I’ve found myself deeply gripped by sadness lately. As with most things, the causes are multiple, but the underlying theme appears to be the same—connection, or the lack thereof. In…

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Something has changed. Breadth in discovery. Obvious shift, indeed. Abaft, door closes gently. Portal ahead. Wide landscape, invites. Opportunities birth. Much to learn. Everything, to forget. Patiently earnest. Its nature…

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Morning Light


I wish I could figure out my cycles of anxiety so that I could better mitigate and manage them. I have origin theories but nothing concrete. Yesterday morning, the quietness…

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Ambe The Cuddle Bear

Team Effort

I'm now 55, fit & healthy in mind, body, and spirit. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that life is a team effort. Friends and loved ones are constantly my teachers. They…

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❝ Zone 3 is too much pain for too little gain.❞ Let’s tease this apart a bit to gain more understanding. • Zone 3, in a five-zone exercise intensity model,…

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I often marvel at Nature’s beauty and process, the interweave of all living beings. I shake my head with a smile at how fortunate I am to own a cabin…

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Even if…

Even if you’re only doing what's fun, it's still 𝙙𝙤-𝙞𝙣𝙜.Enjoying one's work is not permission to continually extract.Fallow & replenishment are necessary.Nature has day and night, cold and warm, wet…

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Sitting outside in the early sun and cool air, listening to the birds sing and chirp, I was reminded to notice the space between when sound ends and quiet begins.…

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Space Alive


Occasionally it’s clear… The world seems a dream. Not solid, as hitherto experienced, believed. Fantasies in temporary wonderland. The entire contents, nothing more than theatre. Thoughts, once believed themselves distinct,…

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Nature's Winter


I've been using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for three weeks. Although I’ve only scratched the surface, some patterns are emerging that allow me to plan interventions and observe their…

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❝ Peace is not in the hall. It is in the repose of the Self. It can be gained anywhere.❞~Sri Ramana MaharshiThis quote is, for me, more than a nice…

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The Screen


~~~ Thoughts affect our experience. Thoughts are the construct of and components begetting Who we believe ourself to be. This individual-I is transient. It’s fabrication and composition disappear during sleep.…

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The individual 'I' exists only as thought,a conceptual separation from One.Personality exists as colour in a rainbow,always an expression of the entirety.Sap, sweet on the tongue,carries its tree-ness.Bread, newly baked,suffuses…

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