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Arunachala—Guru of Mouna (Silence)

Mouna & Upadeśa

❝ Silence [mouna] is the true teaching [upadeśa].It is the perfect upadeśa.❞—Sri Ramana Maharshi, 'Be As You Are'Mother Nature is forcing Homo sapiens into retreats.Perhaps she is inviting us to…

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Mother Nature


There’s no doubt about it, lockdown quarantine is getting to me.I'm a loner. I’m single. I live alone. I've been a nomad for a decade. At first, I begrudgingly accepted…

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Sunrise over Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu

Divine Beloved

🕊  Divine Beloved  🕊I cannot see you,yet you are everything.I do not hear you,but your quietness echos.I long for you,though we are joined.I wander away, distracted,and run back, distraught.I surrender…

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Sri Ramanashram & Arunachala

Types Of Quiet

I entered the hall with our group, filming to capture the moment. Then, I turned towards the statue of Sri Ramana Maharshi and my world flipped upside-down: the power and…

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Arunachala, Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India


I understand now why people return to this mountain. Here's my experience.... The prose below were written as I sat at the foot of Arunachala Mountain outside the Samadhi Hall…

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Arunachala Mountain

All Is One

In this Santhi Yoga retreat, our teacher Govind is guiding me and affirming a lifetime of experiences and intuitions. He adds clarity and understanding that allow me to see more…

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Sri Ramana Maharshi's bed

Moved To Tears

Never did I imagine that I’d visit Arunachala Mountain and the Sri Ramanashram in India. Nor did I expect the intensity of the experience once it happened. Tears came quickly…

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Monells, Catalunya


Close friends and family know that I’m a much happier person, and a great deal more pleasant to be around, after I’ve exercised. This is especially true following longer duration…

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Estany de Banyoles

Consistency & Volume

In Stephen Seiler PhD’s lecture “Intensify or Extend? Balancing Training Prescription across the Endurance Duration Range” he makes clear that the key to athletic improvement is to favour adaptation over…

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Lake Banyoles

Leaning In

The most efficient running occurs when the person stands tall and leans forward, as a whole, from the ankles and up through the pelvis and torso. Gravity does the work…

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Nature's Wonder


❝There is definitely something there to be deeply explored.❞~JenThis quote was said to me in the space of relationship. Yet as I marinated in the energy behind the affirmation, it…

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