Consistency & Volume

In Stephen Seiler PhD’s lecture “Intensify or Extend? Balancing Training Prescription across the Endurance Duration Range” he makes clear that the key to athletic improvement is to favour adaptation over stress. Via consistent volume over time, most of which is easy, we utilise minuscule positive changes to our advantage. ❝

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Decade & A Year

I don’t usually reflect on my training and racing through total duration and distance. Instead, I pay more attention to the patterns within the days,

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Leaning In

The most efficient running occurs when the person stands tall and leans forward, as a whole, from the ankles and up through the pelvis and

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The Practice

For years, I was not ready to don love’s wings. Too much dense chaff there was to burn away. I acquiesced that a solo journey

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❝There is definitely something there to be deeply explored.❞~Jen This quote was said to me in the space of relationship. Yet as I marinated in

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Sunrise — Sunset

For the past month, I’ve been bookending my days with each sunrise & sunset. It’s been very nurturing and fulfilling. Why is this? We know

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❝Gluttony does not produce hunger.❞~Matt Dixon In his groundbreaking book The Science of Winning, Jan Olbrecht PhD defines and illuminates the principle of super-compensation. It

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Within minutes of the sun rising over Mauna Kea the air temperature noticeably rises. Today’s ride was done and dusted before sweltering temps and trade

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Capacity & Power

“Most triathletes are doing too much [high-intensity work]. You don’t need more than 1 HIT session per week.” ~Jan Olbrecht PhD “Many recreational athletes are

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Endurance Training

❝What is very clear is that the best athletes in endurance sport spend ~90% of the time below the first lactate turn-point.❞ ~Stephen Seiler, PhD

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Prep & Base Training

Prep & Base

In my post entitled Off-Season, I quickly summarised the most important phase of the year, off-season, for recovery of the mind and body. In this post,

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Hemsjön (The Home Lake)


“Silence is a great source of strength.” ~Lao Tzu I recently changed locale: a cabin in the woods near a lake for a large metropolis.

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