You’ve probably heard it before.Perhaps, like me, you’ve resisted the message.Even so, it’s true;equally as much for athletics as for recovery. “Progress is not linear.” The look of joy as health returns. AthleticsThis year has been far less about my physical fitness progression and much more about spiritual and mental

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Yes! Today was my official return to structured training after some time off. It feels Grrrreeeeeat! I’m a big believer in the importance of taking

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It’s been a week since IM Los Cabos. My inclination is still to avoid sun and heat which tells me a lot about how stressed

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Sunrise, and another day

What It’s All About

Falling asleep last night was a slow process. Pain was present throughout the entire body, inside and out: sunburn, blisters, muscle aches, joint stiffness, abrasions,

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Sitting on the edge of the bank


‘Sitting on the Edge of the Bank’ It’s taper time. Keep the frequency, lower the volume. ・・・ Meditation & quiet time are as important now

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Long Run Sunday


Grateful Grateful for this beautiful day. Grateful for outstanding health. Grateful for breath. Grateful for clean water. Grateful for silence and stillness. Grateful for being

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Always Becoming

Always Becoming

That’s a wrap for this maintenance week (a lower volume week that followed a build cycle). There were still some very solid workouts in the

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Feel the Sensations


What am I experiencing? * What’s underneath this observation? Stay with it. Keep feeling. These are basic questions and prompts that I’ve employed for many

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Start Again


In a recent article entitled “Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance”, Brad Stulberg explores the idea of balance. He writes that it’s not

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The Mental Game

The muscles in my legs ached… Kilometre 8 of 42 complete, the mind asserting itself as speed governor, “This hurts. Just walk for a while.”

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From one coast to the other. Missing friends I’ve just left. Looking forward to hanging with others. The first of the noble truths is very

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Everything is possible

What really matters

Numerically, I’ve lost fitness during the last 4.5 days of full rest while the body eliminated a sinus & lung infection. The timing–transition week between

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