When does eternity start? 5 minutes at a stoplight can seem like forever, and 3 hours on a treadmill moves into the realm of hell eventually. But at what point does it go from bearable to endless? As a young child, I remember clearly the time when my mom put

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Feel the Sensations


What am I experiencing? * What’s underneath this observation? Stay with it. Keep feeling. These are basic questions and prompts that I’ve employed for many

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Start Again


In a recent article entitled “Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance”, Brad Stulberg explores the idea of balance. He writes that it’s not

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The Mental Game

The muscles in my legs ached… Kilometre 8 of 42 complete, the mind asserting itself as speed governor, “This hurts. Just walk for a while.”

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From one coast to the other. Missing friends I’ve just left. Looking forward to hanging with others. The first of the noble truths is very

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Everything is possible

What really matters

Numerically, I’ve lost fitness during the last 4.5 days of full rest while the body eliminated a sinus & lung infection. The timing–transition week between

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It’s taken more than a year but I’m finally feeling healthy again. More accurately, after 51 years, well-being is arising. The first statement refers directly

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On Point


I’m feeling on point with my training. Healthy, even. Body, mind, spirit. Does that mean everything is perfect? Definitely not. Development is a process. Vigilance,

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The Tao teaches Wu Wei, the action of no-action. A part of this has to do with relaxing, and allowing things to come about in

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Howie--Solo Camping

Reflection Day

Yup, that’s me: solo camping (2009), and on a bike (1972). A few years later I painted that Spidy-bike red & blue with black spiderwebs.

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Enjoy Yourself

Content & Motion

My swim today brought something interesting, and a bit new. I’ve been struggling these last few days with listlessness in the body. So, slipping into

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Flow vs Resistance


The hardest part of working out is overcoming resistance–more so in the mind than the body. Even when the body is protesting for legitimate reasons,

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