Ten trail runners were recently asked about the best advice they’d been given. What I find interesting is the common thread among their answers–to allow for process. Progression, unfolding, development, growth. These are characteristics of movement. Even rest–a type of stillness–is part of shifting that happens within the whole. An underlying message in each of the quotes below is integrity. We need downtime in which to allow energy to strengthen our mind and body. Creating space in my life for rest and reflection allows me to move more fluidly and with more intention and energy in the rest of my

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Slow Burn

The Journey

People ask me, or more specifically wonder, how I can do an Ironman. They find the idea of swimming 3.86 km (2.4 miles), cycling 180.2 km (112 miles) and running 42.2 km (26.2 miles) to be outrageous, or even preposterous, let alone complete it in one day. My answer is always the same, “it’s just one step then another step.” In the book “Slow Burn“, Stu Mittleman & Katherine Callan break it down nicely. Although they are describing how to be metabolically efficient and burn fat as the primary fuel source, the metaphor is transferable. “There is a way to

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