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Today I’ve continued the task of going through all my belongings. The goal is to get rid of stuff. I’m an OCD kinda guy so organizing calms the quacking ducks. But that’s different than the energising feeling when clearing things away and creating space. It’s very freeing to remove possessions that have just been piling up, that I’ve not known what to do with, that I wasn’t really enjoying but was holding on to because of sentimentality or some other story. In ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up‘, Marie Kondo suggests holding each item in one’s hands; if it doesn’t give

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As I wrote in my first post, one of my intentions for this blog is to share information about health & fitness. For me that includes opening the mind, body, and spirit. I open spirit through meditation, spending quiet time in nature, and connecting with people. I open my mind by reading and inquiring within. I open body through yoga (something that I’m only a beginner at), stretching and using RAD Rollers. There have been times in my life when I occasionally stretched, then, like many things, I moved away from it. But I’ve learned that it is helpful with

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Kolekole Beach Park


Perhaps it’s time to shift gears a bit and talk about my eating. I started a fast three days ago. The reasons for the fast are multifaceted and summarized well by True North Health Center: Reset the dietary pleasure trap, Drug addiction, Autoimmune disease, and Exhaustion. For an apparently health guy some of these may not make sense so I’ll explain. The Pleasure TrapFor the most part, I avoid processed foods and processed sugar. However, I’m not immune to the call of the cravings. “Overstimulation by artificially concentrated calories can confuse normal satiety signals resulting in persistent overeating.” Part of

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