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I’ve been using a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for three weeks. Although I’ve only scratched the surface, some patterns are emerging that allow me to plan interventions and observe their effects.

• Week 1: Just watch and document without changing anything.
• Week 2: Become more acutely aware of the effects of foods, exercise, and their timing in order to attune mental and physical sensations with objective data.
• Week 3: Start testing various interventions.

As someone with a history of an eating disorder, I was concerned about monitoring food intake*. I feared falling into a cycle of attempted control. But I was curious and committed enough to the process of learning more about what’s going on under the skin that I jumped in. I also have a support system in my coach, Alan Couzens and trusted friends and professionals. This outside agency provides a backdrop for insight and input; I am not alone in this process. Moreover, since a major goal is to learn and improve, having others to help pick out relevant data is important. Thankfully, what I’ve discovered is that the objective information is helping me better interpret & calibrate sensations in my body.

*l only record the basics of what I eat. I don’t document macronutrients or calories.

During a bricked workout this weekend…
• The goal: Sustained, even blood glucose (BG) allowing for quality** work throughout the entire session.
• The plan: Alternate whole dates and Crownhealth bars, checking BG each 15-20 minutes.
• The session: Low endurance Z2 plus some steady endurance intervals on the bike then a shorter jog afterwards.

**Quality = successful, healthy, consistent execution over time (regardless of intensity, but mostly at low intensity) for longevity, and thus more time enjoying movement and high-performance racing.

Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day

I use the CGM device just like I do the heart rate monitor, to confirm or deny my subjective experience. I don’t use it to tell me what I’m feeling, only to help inform me and my coach. Several of Alan’s MADcrew athletes have started using CGM’s; we learn from each other, and Coach learns from all of our data and observations.

Regarding Crownhealth bars, I choose their products because they’re organic, plant-based, all-natural and the company has a focus on fostering a sustainable world. These are important values for me.

Note: I’m currently using the FreestyleLibre sensor that supports scanning via my iPhone. But one consistent issue is that the sensor gets too cold far too easily and disables data collection for a duration. I’m looking forward to the new Supersapiensinc biosensor and their upcoming API. Eventually, it’ll provide data streaming to devices and the ability for Coach to download the information for his Machine Learning analysis. Hopefully, it will also have a better operating temperature range ‘cause we don’t all live and train in warm/hot environments.

Here’s a good article about BG levels,


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