Show up every moment.

Discover and experience the process of living.

Establishing and maintaining health and fitness is a life long journey that encompasses mind, body, and spirit. My philosophy with training is based on the idea of longevity by ensuring a strong foundation, staying injury-free, and by having fun. With a holistic viewpoint, we can make the most of our fitness—in daily life as well as in specific performance events.

My job as a health, fitness, and endurance coach is to help you set in motion, maintain, and improve the mental and physical gears that enable you to discover, direct and utilise energy in a healthy and sustained manner. This process usually starts with illuminating why you want what you want. We always start from where you are and travel your path, with your values, and with the confidence that comes in knowing what’s important to you.

I work from the context of the whole human; mind, body, and spirit. We proceed in manageable, yet challenging steps—one step at a time and on your own journey. I encourage and, if necessary, teach you how to eat healthily, the benefits of getting more sleep, and why it’s important to create space daily for pausing to just be. Athlete-coach communication provides a basis for information about how your body is responding to the training and other life stressors.

I am here to hold space and vision for you, believing in you and your greatest expression, and helping you realise your goals, in a healthy way. Through confidence and understanding, we establish a lifestyle that includes inquiry, nutrition, and training.

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Once you have clarity, do not neglect a single day.
Wholeheartedly practice for the sake of the way and speak for the sake of the way.
” ~Zen Master Dōgen


Health is well-being and freedom from illness via nutrition, exercise and meditation. In the words of Socrates, my aim is to help you “discover healthy mindedness thereby curing your soul of ignorance, and your body of disease.”


To be fit means to be prepared and capable in mind, body, and spirit in order to invest ourselves in each day. We make plans and take steps to accomplish your goals, and when new opportunities arise we honestly evaluate the capacity for investing in those based on current levels of fitness.


Conventionally, endurance refers to exercise training for long duration activities, but the definition of ‘long’ is relative to you. The starting point is always the same: start where you are, not where you think you ought to be. My focus is on enriching longevity while enhancing health, fitness and performance.