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That hurt. …And I loved it!

After two months of fluctuation it’s time to dig in again and get some solid, steady training done. Today, I FINALLY got back on a trainer!

It’s been fabulous to live in a splendorous (new) location, journey to two races, build new friendships, and revisit an intriguing city. But between unstable weather, a few body tissue issues, recovery time, and travel days I’ve become increasingly uneasy with the lack of consistency. For the next two months I’ll be in one location, and hopefully with limited distractions.

Some will consider me a nutcase for saying this, but I love the trainer. The work is so incredibly focused and dialled. Yes, road riding offers amazing opportunities for fresh air, sights, freedom of movement, and exploration; most especially in my favourite 5 Comarques of #Catalonia—Pla de l’Estany, Garroxta, Gironès, Baix Empordà, & Alt Empordà. But I missed being on the stationary, with its precision and meditative immersion.

There is, however, a really good underlying lesson from these last two months of disequilibrium; an increased determination for finding and creating my own place again. After over 10 years of moving around, the time has come to put down some roots again. Yup, I’m putting that out there! Travel will always play some role in my life, but I want a ‘home’ again, in quiet nature, and where I’m not having to pack and unpack all my stuff.

Admittedly, I questioned my sanity today when the legs were burning, and I was whimpering in agony. But once the 90 minutes was over, I felt right as rain.