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Decade & A Year

I don’t usually reflect on my training and racing through total duration and distance. Instead, I pay more attention to the patterns within the days, weeks, and months. But when I was asked, it seemed interesting to have a look. It’s been a tumultuous year that included a chronic health issue with roots reaching back to my infancy: it’s played an increasing role throughout my life, culminating to a peak this spring. Since then a lot has been learned and major strides have been made towards what is now the best health of my life.

This decade has been a big one for me. As a nomad, I’ve moved around a lot working in many capacities and experiencing many wonderful environments. In 2012, I suffered a pilon (compression) fracture of my right ankle that required surgery, 3 screws, and many months of rehabilitation. However, during recovery triathlon found its way into my life. In 2016, I competed at the Ironman World Championships after having qualified by taking 2nd place at Ironman Coeur d’Alene. In 2019, I competed in my first Ultraman competition, taking 2nd place at Ultraman Canada with a cumulative time of 27 hours 41 minutes 30 seconds, only ~3 hours behind a professional 20 years my younger.

Thanks to the encouragement from my two best mates, I started Soulful Sojourn as a way to share my journey and as business for my health, fitness, and endurance coaching. I’ve identified six Keystones to Health that, when practised with consistency have supported tremendous personal growth in mind, body, and spirit:

• Sleep
• Nutrition
• Community
• Time in Nature
• Regular Exercise
• Daily Meditation

It is the last in this list that I believe has been the biggest influencer. Meditation provides a space for reverence, rest, and clarity that underpins my ability to discover, appreciate and express the process of living.

At any rate, here are my totals for 2019. The plan is to build on this in 2020.

Total Duration: 600 hours
• Bike: 224
• Run: 124
• Strength: 95
• Swim: 65
• Other: 92


Total Distance: 7500 km
• Bike: 5140
• Run: 1167
• Uphill ski-hike: 291
• Swim: 214
• Other: 174

Days Meditated:  365

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