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° Tenderness when catching a hangnail while donning a sock.
° The irritation of rough fingertips in a knitted mitten.
° Frustration with a thread that won’t let go its static cling.
° Recent annoyances eddying in mind or body.
° Fear, pain, disappointment weighted heavy in vexation.

All are aggregations of psychic loose-ends.

What can one do with them?

Observing within enhances our ability of discernment. We develop inner sight that helps in distinguishing and deconstructing the labels we apply to things and events. By so doing we become free of hooks, regardless of their origin. We “mend our afflictions, defilements, proclivities to reactivity, and the internal resistance we feel toward the things that life dishes out.” *

What was dense becomes spacious.

❝ Whatever is imagined as the cause, whatever remains always silent, whatever is experienced by the body, and whatever is contemplated upon by the senses is all nonexistent, nonexistent, indeed. [Brahman] alone is.❞

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* Saranagati, Nov. 2021, vol. 15, no. 11