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Sunrise over Tiruvannamali, Tamil Nadu

Divine Beloved

🕊  Divine Beloved  🕊

I cannot see you,
yet you are everything.

I do not hear you,
but your quietness echos.

I long for you,
though we are joined.

I wander away, distracted,
and run back, distraught.

I surrender to not knowing,
walking slowly, looking closer.


Disconnection kindled confusion,
out of confusion evolved lucidity.

Separation provided contrast,
via contrast emerged clarity.

Seeking was necessary,
through it bloomed appreciation.

We are always One.
Living fully.

✌️ ∙ 🌱 ∙ 🙏

Surya Meditation on Arunachala
Surya Meditation on Arunachala

❝The point of playing cards with me wasn’t to beat me (because I was only nine years old). It was a way of telling me she loved me [in a way that I could understand and accept].❞
~Brother Guy Consolmagno