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From one coast to the other.
Missing friends I’ve just left.
Looking forward to hanging with others.

The first of the noble truths is very prominent, dare I say obtrusive, in my life.

Dukkha is grossly translated as “suffering”.
It also means “the unsatisfactory nature of stuff”.
As Krishna Das reminds us, “We cannot get satisfaction from things. We can get pleasure, but when that passes we have pain, and when that passes we have pleasure again. Neither one of those things is satisfying in a deep way.”

I’m not equating my friends with ‘things’.
Far from it. They are my community who support me. And whom I support.

But I’ve been somewhat of a vagabond for a number of years now.
There is definitely a lesson here for me.

I get comfortable in one spot, then it’s time to move on.
Or the grass grows under my feet, and I’m looking for the next place to soothe my internal struggles.

Grateful. But also in unrest.
The basic nature of life–impermanence–is forefront, with a degree of impertinence, in my opinion.

<sarcastic grin of horror>
… Not that Life cares …
<end of humorous disgust>

Oh, but it does care.
I just need to stop chasing my tail.