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Energy. What is it?

If you ask an athlete, the reply might be that it’s the stuff that moves the muscles allowing for exercise. This person might even explain that it is the ATP generated by our mitochondria (or more accurately, the potential energy stored in the ATP). …Someone else could say that it’s the power that allows lights, heaters, and air conditioners to work. …A physicist might take it further by explaining that energy–whether it be thermal, radiant, or kinetic–is the ability to do work.

All this is quite true. But I experience it as something very kinaesthetic, both corporeal and ethereal. For me, it’s that which flows in and through all things–manifest and un-manifest. This may sound esoteric, if so please bear with me.

Just as we feel the warmth of sunlight on our bodies, so to do I feel the movement of energy between us and within myself. Just as we feel the tickle of joy that comes with (newly found) love, so to do I feel the wonder of connection with others, animals, nature, and even the broccoli sprouts germinating in my cupboard.

Recently I spent a day mostly in silence, meditating with a group of people I’d never met before. The energy of awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love was palpable, soothing, fuelling.

Unfortunately, I experience many of the interactions in the world as individualistic, defensive, fear based, and addicted to confrontation. I do believe that we all want to be happy, to feel connection, to be heard, and loved, but what stands in the way is an illusion; we identify with our stories and what we’ve been told (by others and ourselves) to believe.

What do I do with my sorrow for this disharmony? I endeavour to feel even more the movement of energy as it expresses itself in and around me. Yeah, but how do I do this?? I question my answers, as opposed to trying to answer my questions. And I move forward with my daily practices that allow me to feel more subtly–or, more aptly, less grossly. By becoming more sensitive to my thoughts and movements I embrace Gandhi’s teaching to be the change I want to see in the world.

Adyashanti explains in ‘The Way of Liberation‘ that “It is your conscious and unconscious assumptions and beliefs that distort your perception and cause you to see separation and division where there is actually only unity and completeness. …We humans have long ago deceived ourselves into such a connected tangle of confusion and disarray that we scarcely even consider, much less experience for ourselves, the divinity within and all around us.”