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Foundation & Transmission

The concept of athletic form refers to a healthy foundation and correct biomechanics. What happens below affects what’s above, and vice versa.

Beyond anatomy, form is also about embodiment; how we carry ourselves in the world, and the type of energy we transmit and express.

For me, there’s a process of learning, letting go, testing, feeling, listening.
* What I choose to wear and use.
* What I invite into my life.
* What and how I nourish this body.
* How I actualise my authentic self and interact with the rest of creation.

Being naturally pedantic (to put it nicely) has benefits because it’s an energy that encourages me to dive deep, understand how things work, and make informed decisions. But it’s also a pattern that, in order to actually move forward, I have to rein in.

Science and data intrigue me. Intuition guides me.
I embrace healthy movement, and find balance via #meditation, and the stillness of presence.