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It is said that the frog is symbolic of cleansing and that we can call on the frog spirit for support in clearing negativity and “toxic” energies, perhaps by renewing perspective or vision, and by encouraging us to clear old opinions and beliefs.

The frog totem symbolises the cycles of life, in particular, the rebirth stage. Its own journey through life, from tadpole to the adult state, reminds us of the many cycles of transformation and rebirth in our lives. It is an amphibian, moving easily from water to earth during its life and is thereby revered as a symbol of transition. It calls us to experience change in life, supporting our transformation or metamorphosis in a subtle yet powerful way.

The frog is my spirit animal which predisposes me to walk between planes—physical, spiritual, emotional—to enjoy playing with the magic of nature and the elements. It brings me into a deeper connection with feelings, perspectives and the ability to purge spiritual, mental, and physical negativity or dis-ease from my life.

  • Frogs cannot endure a toxic environment. This spirit challenges me to release emotions that would otherwise hold me back on my journey.
  • From a shamanic perspective, the frog is a walker between two worlds – water and earth.

Frodo, my personal totem, helps me find my soul song.