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Aloha Friday

I Am

The title of this post is a shameless copy from my best mate’s blog post. Dano has a tremendously optimistic view in life, and he’s constantly teaching me to give people the opportunity to shine. Yet, with race and event cancellations, the global pandemic, uncertainty abounding on (too) many levels, and the growing virus on his island paradise even he is feeling that it’s “hard not to have it get to you.”

It’s ‘Aloha Friday’ and he wrote about some things for which he’s grateful. As I read his words I could hear his voice in my head, see his smile as he ran, and feel his positive energy 13,000km away in Catalonia. My heart warmed, joy flourished within and a smile came across my face.

I’m taking Dano’s lead and passing on the aloha. 🌺

I don’t have the option to go out for a run, but I do have a large terrace on which to put my bike trainer, and beautiful weather to enjoy. I’m in a safe location, isolated from people, and lots of fresh air to breathe. I have access to fresh fruit and veggies each week, and clean water from my distiller. I’m able to connect virtually with friends and family.

And I’m healthy.

No matter how important money is, happiness is much more important, and to find something that fills you with total satisfaction. In spite of money, in spite of basic human needs, happiness is still there. It’s still the main thing. That’s worth more than all the money in the world.
—Courage Adams, Encouraged

✌️ ∙ 🌱 ∙ 🙏