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Infinite Pause

Occasionally, clarity presides. For me, it happens most often when sitting quietly in or after meditation. Life, in its wondrous simplicity …just …happens. Later, the individual ‘I’, believing itself to be the creator, moves about attempting to orchestrate and manage. This is both true and false at the same time. True because, the separate self creates all manner of illusions in pain and happiness. False, because these veils, overlaid on reality, mislead and complicate unnecessarily.

Yesterday, while skiing, it was clear that no thought was required in order to transition the body effectively through the complex array of neural and muscular stimulations that make up an intricate dance down the mountain. Yet, it was also clear that awareness of each movement existed, and that seemingly conscious adjustments were being made. I asked, “Who is it that does all these things? Where is this ‘person’ pulling the levers?” The character could not be found. In such moments, an invitation arises—enquire in the same way while in the midst of all other daily business. It’s a bit like unwrapping a gift thoroughly cloaked in multiple layers. Not once can I claim to have actually found a person beneath the shrouds.

And so, when the stillness and unbosomed subtly of Life emanates there is distinct contrast to the attempts at control by a fancied man.

❝ This ‘I am-ness’ is, being conscious of consciousness, being aware of itself. And it is indescribable, because it has no attributes. It is only being my self, and being my self is all that there is. Everything that exists, exists as my self. There is nothing which is different from me. There is no duality and, therefore, no pain. There are no problems. It is the sphere of love, in which everything is perfect. What happens, happens spontaneously, without intentions — like digestion, or the growth of the hair. Realize this, and be free from the limitations of the mind.❞
~Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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