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The Inside Happy

“It’s that Inside Happy feeling. You know what I mean?”

While at the health food store yesterday evening I started chatting with one of the staff, whom I’ve not seen in a couple months because I’ve been travelling. Last we spoke I learned that she was a swimmer in high school and college but that she hadn’t been in the pool in ages. Our discussion at that time flowed between the topics of exercise, daily routines, and nutrition. She taught me a few things about sprouting, while I shared with her some of my favourite websites and books (listed below). I also encouraged her to listen to the part of her that was interested in getting back in the water. I suggested that she just go get wet without any expectations, enjoy the movement, breathe, and commit to listening to the call from within. As my coach and I love to say, start slowly and let it come to you.

When I saw her again it seemed to me that there was a strength emanating from her, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Happiness has always flowed from her, but she moved with a bit more confidence, like being at home in her self. “I wanted to thank you for our talk last time. I love the website you gave me: there’s so much good information. And I’ve been swimming again. It’s so good to feel that healthy soreness in the muscles again.”

I was immediately filled with such happiness and joy for her. This beautiful being continued, “I try and explain it to others but many don’t quite get it.” She was referring to the way her cells are awash with life, constantly being asked to create and use energy. I could feel how her whole system–mind, body, and spirit–was rejoicing. “It’s that Inside Happy feeling. You know what I mean?” … Yes, I know exactly what she means.

For some odd reason, it’s not always easy to maintain good eating habits, and a daily practice of movement/exercise. I find this confusing because it does feel good, and it leads to increased energy, stamina, joy, strength, confidence, and a heightened internal balance, peace, and wellbeing. Sometimes I inquire into what the resistance is about. But mostly I focus on being in touch with the core benefits of my practices. For me, one key aspect is to help others; when I am healthy and fit I feel good, I learn more easily, and I can share from experience. It’s this sharing in life together that is increasingly joyful for me. I’m still basically a loner and really need time by myself, but all of us are fellows–humans, animals, nature–with life energy that pulses through us. Connecting with and feeling this fact provides a sense of purpose for me… an Inside Happiness of Being.

namaste, /howie

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