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Is It True

Is It True

❝ Many of our ideas and beliefs about ourself and the world are so deeply ingrained that we are unaware that they are beliefs and we take them, without questioning, for the absolute truth.❞
~Rupert Spira

Why not investigate these thoughts and beliefs?
Why not look closely at the experience of them?
Why not enquire into the consciousness of those experiences?
Why not become aware of the consciousness?
Why not find out who is investigating, looking, enquiring and being aware?

Allow me to explain.

Perhaps it’s my rebel nature or an undying curiosity that beckons like an enduring echo. But I cannot abide accepting ideas, beliefs and concepts at face value. The world, as generally accepted, makes no sense to me. I see disharmony in the distinctions of a ‘me’ and a ‘you’.

What is present before the discriminations?

Continually deconstructing the conceptual frameworks doesn’t require the destruction of concepts; it just means that I look closer at the processes. There’s an invitation to slip behind the assumptions about ‘who’ and ‘what’. Are there actually subjects and objects? Our mind tells us that there is separation. But it’s the mind’s job to do so. Is it actually true? The more I look, the less it seems to be as initially presumed.

Will you join me on a journey?

• • •
Sink into the depths of stillness. If necessary, feel into a time or place where you have experienced stunning calm—a lake with a mirrored surface.

∙ Notice that in the depth of that moment how past and future fade, leaving a recurring moment.
∙ Notice that the experiencer is a part of the moment.
∙ Notice that what’s present is simply Awareness.
∙ Notice.
∙ Notice how the mind pushes forward to enforce the idea that you, an independent ‘I’, is what’s experiencing.
∙ But sink back, just for a moment.
∙ Does the body suddenly disapparate and your life come to a sudden stop?
∙ Clearly not.
∙ But something is different in that noticing.

Investigate it.
Be aware of being aware.
• • •

In the moment described above, there is a distinct lack of interest in striving to get or to attain. It does not mean that there is no action. But the impetus that moves does not come from one who makes effort.

The moment described above can be called noticing, listening or just being. It does not matter.

Allow Awareness to be aware of itself.

✌️ ∙ 🌱 ∙ 🙏