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Journey, not Balance

It’s easy to accept the adage that managing life is about finding balance: personal time, family, work, other commitments. But I find that it’s a journey, not a balancing or juggling act.

Perhaps this is because of my personality, or the way my brain works: I tend towards OCD and perfectionism. For me, balancing acts become extremely exacting, even captious. And a juggling act can be chaotic, stressful and tiring as I attempt to get everything right in order to keep the balls in the air.

Instead, how I move through each day is a process of discovery. My method is to prioritise what’s most important to me, identifying what I want to do, and how I want to actualise these things. I’m constantly striving to be the person I truly want to be. Inquiry and listening to the Universe and to others is paramount.

Best Mate

What’s most important to me? My well-being. To support this I need to work out, eat well, get lots of sleep, meditate, have quiet time alone, and more. This means that I say no to a lot of things. I make decisions that aren’t always easy to integrate with societal norms. But I’ve found that coming from a place of loving support (versus being contentious) provides a nurturing environment for myself and others.

The second most important part of my life is the support by and for others, especially those close to me. Love and connection are integral aspects of being a spiritual being having a human experience.

Best Friend

I readily admit that I get frustrated at times. In those situations it’s difficult to let go. Fortunately, I have the support of key people who are honest with me, talk with me, and love me. Sometimes my irritation stems from interactions with one of these people–my reaction to their behaviour, or our miscommunication. But we’ve learned to talk through it. We know that we love each other, support each other, and that neither of us takes anything personally. We own our own experiences and feelings, express them as our own. And we acknowledge these things in each other.

Navigating all of this is an ongoing process, a discovery. Being curious helps me stay present and, if I can allow myself the freedom, playful as well.

✌️🌱 … 🙏
Peace, Plants … Namaste

Soulful Sojourn: Belief – Gratitude – Living
My guiding principle in life is the invitation to show up each and every moment to live life. With confidence and understanding we develop a structure to improve fitness and choose a lifestyle that includes training, mindset, and nutrition. The intention is to discover, appreciate and express the process of living. I call this my Soulful Sojourn.