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Mālama ‘Āina

Hawai’i, the Big Island. This is a place of Mana, spiritual energy of power and strength. Life energy flows strongly here, through all things and humans. I feel it in aloha, the presence of breath in life. I feel it in ʻohana, loving relationships with more than just blood relatives.

I cannot describe for you what this feels like. I can only point to it via images.

“To live with the value of aloha ʻāina is to exist as a part of the ʻāina; to have the understanding that all things within and around this world are part of an interconnected fabric that makes up our realm, or honua. Aloha ʻāina is to live with this understanding and apply that knowledge in ones work and lifestyle.”

❝ The known or experienced always changes, but the knowing with which all changing experience is known always remains the same.❞
~Rupert Spira




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This is my personal journey—a soulful sojourn in which I share musings arising in and from self-inquiry. I don’t always go into all the characterising details; To me, such minutiae carry more value when explored as pointers in investigation occurring in both silence and when teased out through vulnerable conversation. The purpose is to share some insights that may resonate for you in your own journey.