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Arunachala—Guru of Mouna (Silence)

Mouna & Upadeśa

❝ Silence [mouna] is the true teaching [upadeśa].
It is the perfect upadeśa.❞
—Sri Ramana Maharshi, ‘Be As You Are’

Mother Nature is forcing Homo sapiens into retreats.
Perhaps she is inviting us to take a break from our outwardly focused attention.

Let us stop being so ‘busy’. Dive within. See what is already there.
Let us each learn more about ourselves, our inner workings.

There will be resistance.
That is how the asanas [mental tendencies] work.
But, with practice, those tendencies—that which separates us from our inner peace—will be rooted out.

Just as standing on one leg becomes more difficult when the eyes are closed.
In time, through opening and closing the eyelids, one finds balance when focused within.

Let us embrace this opportunity to shift gears and find out who we truly are.

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