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Nature for Recovery

A walk in the woods is an excellent way to support recovery from a myriad of life events. Recently, I strolled through the woods after finishing a long run and three days of back-to-back larger training volume. Fresh air, sunshine, forest terpenes, nature’s quietness mixed with soothing sounds of wind in the trees and bird song, and a distinctly grounding energy are very supportive.

One of the reasons the best athletes in the world can absorb a lot of training is that they rest between sessions like the best in the world. Not everybody has that opportunity. We devote time and energy to family, work, projects, education, etc. That’s cool! These are the choices we make. And these things can provide a lot of positive input in our life (assuming that we actually enjoy them over time), but they still aren’t the same as a nap while wearing compression boots. We must be aware of and account for variances in and types of load.

In order to stay on track, I recommend outside guidance, whether that be coaching, friends, podcasts, books, etc. Inside guidance is also essential: meditation and journaling are two ways to create and hold space for ourselves.

Whatever your lifestyle choices are, I invite you to spend time in nature in order to engage your parasympathetic nervous system—the rest and digest division of your autonomic nervous system.

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