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Space Alive


Occasionally it’s clear…

The world seems a dream. Not solid, as hitherto experienced, believed.
Fantasies in temporary wonderland. The entire contents, nothing more than theatre.

Thoughts, once believed themselves distinct, now witnessed preposterous.
Form boundaries fade, translucent space alive. The mirage is witnessed.

Activity without involvement, cogitation unnecessary.
Same events as before, but no person to believe himself the performer.

Witnessed Mirage

The cord is not fully cut. Illusions of separateness remain, comparing past to present.
But the deception is glimpsed.

…the entire fantasia of a slowly fading dream.

❝ If something was fictitious, it never existed. It was never real.❞
~Mr. D*

✌️ ∙ 🌱 ∙ 🙏

* Godman, David . Nothing Ever Happened Vol. 3: Papaji Biography.