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Today I was graced with two beautiful interactions by two very wonderful people in my life. To say that I’m chuffed by their complements would be an understatement. …Here’s right back at you mates.

The reason for sharing this with you is to encourage us all to move in the world with grace, compassion, even tenderheartedness. Personally, I find that it starts with myself. If I care for and treat myself with kindness then the world is already a softer (vs. prickly), more loving place.

For the last month I’ve lengthened my morning routine in order to better nourish mind, body, and spirit. As has been the case for years, it starts with meditation: this sets the tone, so to speak. From there I’ve added the following: a brief set of yoga to warm and open the body–nothing strenuous, just movement; core exercise to activate, strengthen and stabilise; one-leg balancing; and lastly a bit of muscle and fascia rolling. Basically, self-care.

I’d seen a good mate improve his life with a similar morning practice and I decided to follow his example. What I quickly realised was that being consistent with this allowed me to feel better–in mind, body, and spirit–throughout the day. There’s also a cumulative effect in my wellbeing, which seemingly affects the world around me in positive way.

We humans exchange energy with all living things–each other, all creatures, and vegetation. The energy between us can be supportive, i.e. compassion, joy, and thoughtfulness; or it can be detrimental, i.e. aggressive, combative, blaming, and taking things personally.

There are always at least two people involved in an interaction, my choice is to take responsibility for my part and be as balanced, calm, and positive as I can. That starts with caring for myself, a gift of grounding each morning.

Interestingly, experiences like the interactions this morning appear to be happening more regularly. And for that I’m grateful because, for lack of a better expression, it’s a win-win.