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Stunning and fragrant with orange blossoms.

Orange Blossoms

There’s a saying,
A grateful heart is magnet for miracles.

I arrived in Málaga, then Marbella, somewhat frustrated with various aspects of the day’s travel. During the next 12 hours an ongoing question rolled in my mind, why am I here? Plans for attending this Ironman 70.3 competition were made long ago: the goal, qualify for the 70.3 World Championships in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. But that was prior to a recent decision, and before visiting my new favourite training and, perhaps, living location.

The Decision
As I felt into volunteering for the ÖtillÖ World Championship, it became stunningly clear that my heart lies with that organisation more than it does with visiting and competing at P.E. (Both events occur at the same time.) The short story is that the people, energy, organisation, and mission all align with what I want to be a part of, and to give myself to. Yes, part of me still wants to go experience even a slice of the massiveness of Africa. (A mate was going to send me into the bush for a week of safari after the competition.) However, I want to listen to and honour the whispering guide inside––embrace closer to home, deeper within.

The energy and people of Banyoles, Catalonia are warm and welcoming. The size of the town is about right for me. The landscape is stunning. The air is fresh. And in a short time, I’ve made connections and friendships in ways that haven’t happened after months, even years, in other locations. It’s clear that, in some way, this place will be a part of my life from now on. (FYI, I highly recommend checking out Rocacorba Cycling—explore, retreat, unwind. The vision, passion, and mission of the team at Villa Can Campolier are invigorating, not to mention the venue!

So, yes, lament was creeping in. But, that’s not a path I want to follow. I kept brushing myself off inside with the plan to utilise my time on the southern tip of Spain, and this race, as preparation for my goal, later this summer, to once again qualify for the Ironman World Championship––Kona.

And then it happened. The Universe blew me away (again). Holding gratitude close, I made my way high into the mountains, Sierra de las Nieves, to tackle part of the technical turns and climbs of the Marbella 70.3 bike course. OMG! The air was cool, fresh and fragrant of orange blossoms. The sights were stunning. It’s easy to understand why people settled there. And the course was really fun. Yup, that’s why I came here, to experience that very moment, and all the potentially amazing moments to come. (And to race my butt off!)
~✌🌱 … 🙏
Peace, Plants, Namaste