Sunrise, and another day

What It’s All About

Falling asleep last night was a slow process. Pain was present throughout the entire body, inside and out: sunburn, blisters, muscle aches, joint stiffness, abrasions,…

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Sitting on the edge of the bank


‘Sitting on the Edge of the Bank’ It’s taper time. Keep the frequency, lower the volume. ・・・ Meditation & quiet time are as important now…

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Long Run Sunday


Grateful Grateful for this beautiful day. Grateful for outstanding health. Grateful for breath. Grateful for clean water. Grateful for silence and stillness. Grateful for being…

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Always Becoming

Always Becoming

That’s a wrap for this maintenance week (a lower volume week that followed a build cycle). There were still some very solid workouts in the…

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Feel the Sensations


What am I experiencing? * What’s underneath this observation? Stay with it. Keep feeling. These are basic questions and prompts that I’ve employed for many…

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Start Again


In a recent article entitled “Maybe We All Need a Little Less Balance”, Brad Stulberg explores the idea of balance. He writes that it’s not…

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The Mental Game

The muscles in my legs ached… Kilometre 8 of 42 complete, the mind asserting itself as speed governor, “This hurts. Just walk for a while.”…

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Ironman Sweden

Courage & Confidence

I often ask myself why I continue to train for and compete in Ironman events–both half- & full distance. To be honest, it’s a scary…

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From one coast to the other. Missing friends I’ve just left. Looking forward to hanging with others. The first of the noble truths is very…

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Everything is possible

What really matters

Numerically, I’ve lost fitness during the last 4.5 days of full rest while the body eliminated a sinus & lung infection. The timing–transition week between…

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