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❝ Peace is not an objective experience. It is simply the presence of Consciousness without an object. That is why it is peaceful! ❞ **

Even as I deeply feel the truth of Rupert Spira’s quote, I simultaneously encounter grasping for objects (in order to acquire Peace). The mind believes that certain objects have previously produced Happiness and Peace. But memory falsely attributes the source of the experience. Happiness is our very nature. Peace is inherent in presence. Objects are a part of the expression of Peace and Happiness, not the origin.

Reminding myself of this connection is an almost daily task. It’s one of the reasons I often say that “the current step is the entire path”. Being present means to recognise what is, here and now. There’s no sense in me getting frustrated for not having learned something yet, or for longing for the day that I ‘get it’. I just keep looking.

❝ Even when Consciousness has veiled itself in a cloak of beliefs, doubts, fears and feelings, the taste of its own unlimited, free and fearless nature is embedded within every experience, and this taste is often experienced as a sort of nostalgia or longing.❞ **

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* This is my personal journey—a soulful sojourn in which I share musings arising in and from self-inquiry. I don’t always go into all the characterising details; To me, such minutiae carry more value when explored as pointers in investigation occurring in both silence and when teased out through vulnerable conversation. The purpose is to share some insights that may resonate for you in your own journey.

** The Transparency of Things, Rupert Spira