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(Re-)connection refers to the relationship we have with our bodies and senses, each other, our physical environment, and all that lies outside our regularly scheduled programming. It means to feel deeply, and to consider the interconnectedness of all things.

How do we connect, or reconnect? Based on scientific and anecdotal evidence from around the world and over the eons, meditation has proven itself as paramount.

Meditation is really nothing more than being aware of the movement of life, the rise and fall of sensations and thoughts. It’s not about controlling anything. The Penan people of Borneo are essentially meditating when they go hunting because they are in full connection with and mindful of their world. They become one with nature, listening and moving with the sights, sounds, scents, terrain and creatures: If you’ve seen the movie Avatar, the Na’vi exhibit this. Some people walk, or play an instrument, or do tai chi, and many just sit. The important thing is that we are not distracting ourselves but instead just being in and with what is—to rest without external stimulus.

Connection to nature is something that’s quietly powerful. It’s an invisible but ever-present ambience, an inner feeling, or sense.

  • The Penan call it Tawai.
  • The Pirahã of the Amazon Rainforest listen to Kaoáibógi who speaks in their heart.
  • The Na’vi experience it as a channel with Ewya, which can take direct physical form via Tsaheylu.
  • For me it’s a kinaesthetic mixed with intuition–an innate knowledge outside of spoken language or thought.

Connection starts first with ourselves. From there it can spread to others, globally broadening to remove greed, unconsciousness, insensitivity, violence, and arrogance—replacing those with light, love, and listening.

✌️🌱 … 🙏
Peace, Plants … Namaste

Soulful Sojourn: Belief – Gratitude – Living
My guiding principle in life is the invitation to show up each and every moment to live life. With confidence and understanding we develop a structure to improve fitness and choose a lifestyle that includes training, mindset, and nutrition. The intention is to discover, appreciate and express the process of living. I call this my Soulful Sojourn.