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Sense of Being

Sense of Being

Sitting quietly, where is the focus? Listening to Life or to thoughts?

The mind is a miraculous tool, no doubt. But it’s also a random noise generator. It weaves fantastical dances that mesmerise and entrance. It distracts the senses, instating its machinations as truth. Beliefs laid overtop of Reality lead to searching, not Being.

Pausing, listening, feeling, Life’s ongoing artwork becomes evident—a continuous creation of colours, scents, touch, tastes and sounds, ever-present in an endless array of magnificence.

∙ The sound of rain drizzling as a background canvas for varying pitches in birdsong.
∙ The scent of flowers and trees, so intense and subtle that colour is smelled.
∙ The touch of cool, humid air on fingers, cheeks and nose.
∙ The sight of droplets in a spider’s web and on blades of grass.
∙ The taste of salt in the mouth mixed with sweetness in the breeze.
∙ A beating heart and whooshing blood.
∙ Lungs rise and fall in gentle resonance of breath.
∙ Tingling nerves, some for who knows what, others for contraction and relaxation of muscles moving fluids and bones.

Vigilant noticing becomes serene Being. The gentle vibration of unbounded orchestration. Life aware of itself through itself.

Attention steadfastly on Life, attuned to the Bliss that always is. Oh dear One, let me live without pause in this Joy. Ever awake in the engagements of living.

❝ You have to be you without ‘you’ and all noise will stop. The real you is the formless witness within. The person, the noisy one, is only imagined. To recognize this is freedom.❞
~ Mooji

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Note: For a further look at the discovery of simply being aware, check out Rupert Spira’s book The Essential Self. A free extract that quickly presents the premise is available on his website.