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Silence, then Growth

(Photo by Ken Hansen)

Inside my heart there’s been a poignant silence these past hours. The feeling I’m experiencing is one of mourning. Many others, near and far, are expressing the same.

It reminds me of each time a tragedy happens. There’s a gasp, then, beautifully, people come together to support and help their fellows.

My prayer and request is that we hold onto this anguished and bereft energy. Let’s make an active choice to avoid moving back to our regular lives, our routines, thought patterns, and ingrained habits. Historically the water splashed away by a rock will surge back to fill the void. The waves and ripples settle, and all too quickly the stone is covered, the surface flattens, and our mind turns to the next distraction that presents itself.

This time let us choose to move with determined compassion and do the work from a place of conscious wisdom. Let’s grieve. Get angry if needed. But let’s really get in touch with the feeling of caring (for each other) and decide to walk a different path than what we’ve been on. Let’s walk together, rolling up our sleeves as necessary, not out of aggression but instead out of intention and concentrated attention over time.

Let us continually reflect on the feelings of a heavy heart, using them as a source of discerning wisdom, communication and supportive growth.