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Something has changed.
Breadth in discovery.
Obvious shift, indeed.

Abaft, door closes gently.
Portal ahead.
Wide landscape, invites.

Opportunities birth.
Much to learn.
Everything, to forget.

Patiently earnest.
Its nature unknown.
Already, familiar.

Tutored by trees.
Adapting and being.
Steadfastly flexible, in communion.

Curious essence.
Mental, emotional, physical.
All, and none.

Daemons not quite vacated.
Retiring in peace.
Less sticky, withdrawn.

Embracing the adjustment.
Vulnerability the theme.
Whatever, this is.

Something is changing.
Peaceful venue.
Living, in breath.

❝ People underestimate the power of Self-awareness. It is the purest and most potent force in the universe and yet few human beings are aware of it as their fundamental nature. ❞
~Mooji, White Fire

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