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Sitting outside in the early sun and cool air, listening to the birds sing and chirp, I was reminded to notice the space between when sound ends and quiet begins. That space is silence. It is Source.

Observation of the infinite pause is possible with any intermittent sound, i.e. interruptions in an… abnormally… slowly spoken… sentence, or even periodic construction sounds. You may notice that it’s also a span where thoughts pause. There may even be a hint of rest in the mind and body. For me, daily meditation provides opportunity to experience this recess, the nothing that is everything.

Lately, I’ve been increasingly taking the practice off the cushion and into my daily life. My motivation was rather selfish, an attempt to counter stress and anxiety. But what’s taking place is a discovery, a deeper enquiry into the nature of being. To whom are thoughts, desires, frets, objections, judgements, and joys arising?

Sri Ramana Maharshi taught,

❝ … if one inquires ‘Who am I?’, the mind will go back to its source; and the thought that arose will become quiescent [still]. With repeated practice in this manner, the mind will develop the skill to stay in its source.

I dunno about you, but that sounds pretty attractive. In fact, it feels like something calling me home.

A classic Q&A with Sri H.W.L. Poonja is as follows:

Papaji: When you think, who thinks?
Questioner: I am not sure.
Papaji: It is your original state, your source, but you are not aware of it because you have this belief that there is a mind that does all your thinking for you. When you give up all your concepts, all ideas about who you are and what you have to accomplish, the original source remains.

Perhaps a way to summarise all this is to again quote Papaji.

Your nature is Silence and it is not attainable, It always Is.

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