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I often marvel at Nature’s beauty and process, the interweave of all living beings. I shake my head with a smile at how fortunate I am to own a cabin in this magnificent theatre. Even still, I almost sold the place last week.

I became overwhelmed at the enormity of the necessary repairs and my desired improvements. What’s more, I’ll be by myself through most of it. Questioning my interest in spending every free moment with renovations, and with the mounting depth and breadth of every single step, I began to feel that it was better to ‘get out while the getting was good’. It is, after all, a seller’s market right now. Auspiciously, I’ve spent the last many years learning to listen, to notice the subtle vibrations informing me of deeper truths. When I don’t feel them I know that I need to look closer for clarity. Either I’ll rest enough to hear warnings, or their absence will confirm the quietness of being ‘on path’.

Contemplating the removal from my life of what has always been a sanctuary for me, I fantasised that discarding this property would reduce the stress I was experiencing. Instead, I felt rushed, hushed and cramped. By some miracle, the decision not to sell became suddenly corporal, and in that moment a fresh breeze of relief washed through me. Yet, an invitation to look closer persisted, and within moments a deeper petition awaited. A more sincere decision begged to be resolved; Was I open to changing an old habit?

I could continue to be ruled—haunted even—by an entrenched pattern, or accept Life’s grace to walk a different path. I could turn away from rushing to the next greener field and choose instead to slow down, look around and flourish in continually renewing energy. The aged motif itched to ‘save the day’. But the space of nameless discovery is far more honest.

The cabin and I will continue to dance together. For how long, I cannot say. What’s important is Being, not asserting.

❝ That in which the actions of speech and body and the eon itself have ended in dissolution, and in which the manifest universe is yet unborn—ever abide as That itself. ❞
~Ramamoorthy, H.; Nome. Ribhu Gita: English Translation from the Original Sanskrit Epic Sivarahasyam (p. 192). Society of Abidance in Truth.

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