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Step by Step

For me, there is joy in the experience of each step as an expression. During my long run today, the focus was inward–feeling and connecting with the body and mechanics; looking for and exploring the boundaries of balance, stability, support, relaxation. I pictured myself running the double marathon on day three of #Ultraman. Energy bubbled up with regularity; thankfully, I was on the treadmill where my pace could be restrained, instead of running away with myself.

During long sessions on the bike, in the pool, while running, or even when cleaning the house I’m easily tempted to be carried off by thoughts as an escape from where I am and/or what I’m doing. Antithetically, yet curiously affiliated, I’m constantly investigating the question of why I feel like I have to always be doing some-thing? Is it to feel useful in life? Or to have purpose? Or to avoid feeling like I’m wasting time?

What’s it like to just Be… in whichever activity or non-activity I’m in?

My focus this year is on longevity. It’s about building a resilient body and mind, while honouring and being infused with spirit. Fostering balance. Growing in Now. ….The universe is inviting me into greater participation in Life, as well as continued exploration of ultra-endurance athletics.

Acoustic ecologist Gordon Hampton insightfully shares that “silence is a presence not an absence; it’s not an absence of sound but rather an absence of noise.” Just as when I listen to his recordings, in meditation it often becomes very clear that life is constantly in motion. What’s really interesting is whether I focus on noise or on the presence of change. For me, the latter holds an interesting yin-yang of strength and calm. It feels a lot like coming home.