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Peace in Nature

Stress — Bliss

When I pass from this earthly life, what will happen to the stress I have carried with me? Presumably, it disappears because there is no ‘me’ remaining to experience ‘my’ stress. If indeed that’s the case, must I endure disquietude and anxiety even now?

As I sit quietly, tracing the various threads that give rise to stressful thoughts, I notice that they are actually rather amorphous in nature. I don’t deny or belittle their existence, but I question the solidity and the importance to which my mind anoints them.

Looking closer, I observe that these thoughts, and the angst to which they give rise, are merely images on a screen. I am an actor in a moving picture identifying himself as an autonomous living being, separate from the scene and believing stress to be of substance. However, when the actor, audience, stage, backdrop, and projector are all seen as parts of a whole in which God is playing all the roles of a free-flowing dance, then the misery of affliction of individual, illusionary importance starts to dissolve. As such, neither the actor nor the stresses are as concrete as they once appeared. I find this freeing.

What is One?
What is One?

…For a timeless moment, there is resting in bliss.

❝ The world-phenomena, within or without, are only passing phenomena not independent of our Self. Only the habit of looking on them as being real and located outside ourselves is responsible for hiding our true being and showing forth the others. The ever-present only Reality, the Self, being found, all other unreal things will disappear, leaving behind the knowledge that they are no other than the Self.❞
~Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi, Talk 353.

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