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Lapakahi, Hawai'i: 600 year old, partially restored fishing village still inhabited less than 100 years ago.


Sunrise at Lapakahi, North Kohala, Hawai'i
Sunrise at Lapakahi, North Kohala, Hawai’i

Today’s workouts followed yesterday’s Sacred Rest Day.

Time for spirit is a regular part of everything I do because it instills energy into mind and body. Simply, it allows me to get more out of the easy, endurance, and intensity work with the body, while maintaining a strong mind in order to support the consistent work.

Being at peace and connected to spirit helps me explore aspects of mind and body that would otherwise go unnoticed or undiscovered.

* Run: endurance + intensity.
* Strength conditioning.
* Bike: endurance watts on the flats & climbing.

* A sunrise hike with my mom at a very soulful, ancient Hawaiian fishing village.
* Healing chants. Quiet time.
* Connection with the mana of Hawai’i nei.

* Swim: strength with paddles (open ocean).
* Run: low intensity endurance.
* Acupuncture.