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The Basics of Within

Why do I meditate?
The answer is simple, really.

1. There’s a strong desire to Rest (YouTube // SoundsTrue).
2. To bring clarity.

Meditation provides the opportunity to experience Presence; not of a person, place, or thing, but rather just what is… in the moment.

No nouns, no verbs, just Be.

Is there actually more coherence than there otherwise would have been? Only a comparison to an alternate version of myself who hasn’t meditated daily could reveal that answer.

But what I can say is that patterns have changed over time (which is increasingly pleasant both for me and those around me.) There’s more space, within which there’s seemingly more time.

Each layer of ‘subtle’ slowly becomes gross.
Then, it too falls away, revealing something more delicate.

The incredible lightness of being.
Exploring the basics of within.


📷: Hella Nordström
📸: Howie