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Nature is always there for me, exactly how I am.

Upon rising yesterday I was pulled away from the meditation cushion and encouraged instead get outside directly. After stuffing a thermos of tea in my pack of swim gear I set off for an early walk around the lake, returning to the dock where I’d swim and meditate. It was clear that the Universe was inviting me into a healing space with fresh air, bird songs, rising sun, and movement that was different from my regular stretching and rolling.

For over a month I’ve been struggling with incapacities in my body. Two of them were most likely related to biomechanics, but the source of the various and migrating issues is unknown at this point. It’s frustrating, and at times discouraging when I reflect upon the volume of training I had planned to be doing right now. The timing of these physically disabling concerns gives rise to a feeling of further disappointment. (Not that one would ever purposely order up such things.)

Nearly thirteen years ago I started a process of letting go of the tension that had built up over four decades as I stored unresolved emotions in my body. It’s possible that what’s currently happening is a continuation of this unravelling—detoxification, if you will. Hopefully, the results of initial blood tests will also provide some answers and direction in order to support physical recovery and healing.

One thing, however, is certain.
Nature is always there for me, exactly how I am.


∙ ∙ ∙
PS- Thanks to everyone out there killing it on any level and posting pictures. It engages my love for sport, health, and fitness. You’re giving me energy for the work to get back my full health.