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I’m feeling on point with my training. Healthy, even. Body, mind, spirit.

Does that mean everything is perfect? Definitely not. Development is a process.

Vigilance, commitment, and consistency are key. Admittedly, sometimes I want to throw them out the window. Actually, sometimes I do, but then, like a kid after a temper tantrum, I go and pick them up again. Why do I get fed up, and why do I return?

Those are questions I’ve inquired into a lot. It’s just so damn much work at times. But I can’t not do it.

Occasionally, when I’m listening, Grace reminds me to let go, stop taking myself so seriously, chill out, breathe, and Be Here Now.

In those moments, there is both rest and strength. My mind says it’s not possible for those two to coexist. But they do.

And if I’m really present, a smile spontaneously occurs.

What is it I’m training for? Ah, yes. It’s actually more of an ongoing discovery… Life.